Shawn Dreelin


A Telecommunications & Networking Professional located in Richmond, Virginia.

The short of it....

I love tech, gadgets of all kinds, computers, Linux operating systems, Android, cooking, preserving, barbecuing, fermenting foods, smoking foods, minor vegetable gardening, travel (real and via my arm chair and a book), beer, wine, coffee (I'm a coffee snob), tea, reading, music (all kinds), electronics, jogging, biking, meditation, yoga, Indian culture and Bollywood movies. Generally anything fun!

The nerd boy....

I'm a huge supporter and fan of open source software and hardware. I love using Linux as my main operating system (Ubuntu preferred) though I'm just as comfortable with Windows too. I have been using computers since the 300 baud modem days! My first personal computer was a Timex Sinclair 1000 with a cassette player for storage. I cut my teeth programming basic on an Apple II. I've maintained equipment that contained electron tubes in the past. That 600 volt plate voltage can hurt....I'll leave it at that.

The maker....

I love electronics and have been tinkering with creating and testing circuits since I was about 10. I have background training in complex electronics theory which feeds my other love of being a "Maker". I've always been fascinated with what is inside of things and thus needed to pull it apart to see what makes it tick. I'm always looking to improve something or create my own home brewed version. Give me some wood, plastic, LEDs, wires, a perf board and some screws and nails and I'll make you something cool.

The telecom guy....

I'm a smartphone/tablet subject matter expert when it comes to Android or IOS. I prefer to use Android (currently carrying a Google Pixel 4XL on Google Fi), but also daily use IOS as well since it is related to what I do for a living. I believe mobile is the wave of the future as we get more and more power in the palm of our hand. I have been in the telecommunications business since I was 18 dealing with local customer premise equipment including telephone systems and call center system as well as long haul trunking for voice and data (fiber and copper). As traditional telecom merges with data networking it is becoming more and more blurred. Having a background in both voice communications and data networking is working out pretty good for me as telecom becomes more advanced.

The secret only you know...

I'm a freak for Bollywood films! Yes Yes.....I love them and can't get enough of them. I absolutely love India and I dream of one day touring India (मुझे भारत से प्यार है). I will love to travel anywhere, but India has a special love in my heart. नमस्ते!

और मैं हिन्दी सीख रहा हूँ, लेकिन मेरी हिंदी अच्छी नहीं है ;-)

Work History

Technology Specialist IV at State Corporation Commission, Richmond, VA

2005 - present

Network Transport Equipment Installer at Dominion Telecom, Richmond, VA

2001 - 2005

Field Engineer/Sales Engineer/Technician at Executone Information Systems, Richmond, VA

1993 - 2001

Secure Communications Technician at U.S. Air Force (The Pentagon/Osan AB, S. Korea/Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX)

1984 - 1992

Maintenance Technician at Collegiate Schools, Richmond, VA

1981 - 1984

Specialties: VoIP, ISDN and POTS communications systems, voice mail systems, call center products (ACD, IVR, AA), smartphones and tablets (Android and IOS), mobile device management systems, copper and fiber optic cabling systems, fiber optic transport systems, network equipment, test equipment, servers, virtual machines


Hindi Language at

2014 - present

Basic Diploma at John Randolph Tucker High School

1979 - 1983

Electronics at Hermitage Vocational Technical Center

1982 - 1983

Electronic Systems Technologies at Community College of the Air Force

1984 - 1992 62 Credits, degree incomplete

Places I've Lived


Richmond, VA


San Antonio, TX

Washington, DC

Arlington, VA

Songtan, South Korea